Sunday, September 30, 2012

Florence Howard Tuttle, Our Grandmother

Florence Howard Tuttle is a lady we grandchildren loved in life and cherish in death. She was an early resident of Bountiful where she was born on the east bench of the Wasatch Mountains overlooking the valley. She lived to a grand old age, dying just short of her hundredth birthday. Although she made amazingly productive use of all those years, as a decades-long widow, she was ready the last thirty to return to her Heavenly Father and husband. 

On both of Florence's family branches, Tuttle and Howard, grew hardy Mormon pioneers. Before traveling over the American plains, the Howards lived in the green countryside of Worcestershire and Staffordshire, England. The Tuttles were of Connecticut stock, having sunk their roots early into New England. 

Throughout her life, Florence diligently explored her  pioneer and pilgrim ancestry. She lovingly sought out and recorded the lives of generations of her ancestors. She shared the stories collected and written during her research with each of us in Books of Remembrance.  Help us honor their memory and, in the process, that of our dear grandmother by visiting this site often.

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